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Stuntmen, Stunt Actors & Stunt Doubles

Stunt Actor, Actress & Performers

Michigan Stuntmen, Stunt Actors and Stunt Doubles - Local Movie Stuntmen in Detroit, Michigan

More Michigan stunt actors and actresses are needed to fill the demand created by the increase in films. If you are a local Michigan stuntmen or stunt double, get your acting career started today! If you love the thrill of living on the edge, a career change into the exciting world of a stuntman might be just what you need.

Stunt acting is an essential aspect of movie and film making. Stunt actors & actresses, or stuntmen, perform the dangerous stunts most commonly seen in action/adventure movies. Stunts are rigged with safety mechanisms, but there always remains some level of risk.

Stunt doubles are used to replace an actress or actor in a shot, when the scene is too dangerous or requires a certain physical fitness level or special physical skill. Stunt doubles replace many different actors and actresses and therefore are needed in all shapes and sizes.

Local Michigan Stuntmen & Stunt Doubles

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