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Michigan Sound & Boom Operator Crew

Sound Mixer, Boom Operator & Sound Operator

Michigan Sound and Boom Operator Crew - Local Sound Mixer and Board Operators in Detroit, Michigan

Are you a local Michigan sound mixer, boom operator, sound operator or audio engineer? Many new movies and films are being scheduled to shoot in Michigan and are in need of talented sound crews. Don’t wait another day! If you are an experienced sound mixer, boom operator or sound operator, get involved in Michigan’s movie and film industries.

Interested in a career in sound operation or engineering? Research the production schools, training schools and workshops that Michigan has to offer!

Michigan Boom Operators & Crews

The boom operator is responsible for controlling the boom microphone. Boom microphone placement is a key part in a successful shot. A boom operator must take into account the location and projection of any dialogue, frame position of the camera, lighting source and any unwanted noise sources.

Michigan Sound Mixer & Crew

The sound mixer is considered the department head, and is completely responsible for all aspects of production sound. This includes hiring boom operators and utility sound technicians, planning the technical setup, anticipating and discussing sound-related problems with the rest of the crew, and ordering and preparing the sound equipment to be used on the set.

Michigan Sound Board Operators & Crews

The sound operator, or sound technician, is the person responsible for the overall production of all sound-related aspects in a theatrical performance. Duties include operating a mixing console, sound reinforcement system, coordinating sound effects and mixing microphones. The sound operator reports to the sound designer, stage manager, and technical director.

Local Michigan Sound and Boom Operators

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