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Michigan Set Construction, Building & Set Design

Contractors and Skilled Trades Needed for Movie Sets

Michigan Set Construction, Building and Set Design - Local Contractors for Movie and Film Production in Detroit, Michigan

Set construction and set design are two career fields new to Michigan. Michigan construction industry growth has slowed, and for local Michigan skilled trades the timing could not be better. Michigan set construction and set designers are needed to plan and build the set for a theatrical, movie, film or television production.

The set designer produces scale models, drawing, props, textures and colors. In some scenarios set designers will hand produce these models, but usually will use a computer vector or drafting program. Then it is up to the set building department to implement the designs.

Michigan Technical Director & Production Manager

The technical director, or production manager, is the person responsible for evaluating the finished designs while taking into consideration budgeting and time limitations. The technical director, or production manager is the connections and mediator between the set designer and the shop.

The Scene Shop Michigan Foreman and Master Carpenters

A scene shop consists of skilled tradesmen from all specialties, plumbers, welders, plasterers, carpenters and more. The shop is usually manages by a foreman or master carpenter. The shop is also responsible for all daily repairs.

Michigan Stagecraft

A stagecraft job role includes constructing and rigging scenery, hanging and focusing of lighting, design and procurement of costumes, makeup, procurement of props and recording and mixing of sound. Stagecraft is considered more of a skilled trade position because the set designer is responsible for the creative vision. A stagecraft only recreates this vision.

Local Michigan Set Construction, Set Designers and Contractors

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