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Michigan Local Screenwriters Scriptwriters & Playwrights

Screenplay Writers, Script Writers & Movie Scripts

Michigan Screenwriters Scriptwriters and Playwrights - Local Script Doctors Screenwriters in Detroit, Michigan

Attention local Michigan screenwriters, scriptwriters & playwrights! Michigan has become home to hundreds of new filmmakers in almost every city around the state. If you are a local Michigan writer, donít wait to get involved in the movie, film, theatre and television industries. Screenwriters and scriptwriting are great new avenues to pursue if you are tired of writing for the same old sources.

Screenwriters, or scriptwriters, are the individuals create and write the screenplays or scripts from which films, movies and television programs are produced. A playwright, also known as a dramatist, is a person who writes dramatic literature or drama. Playwright scripts are used in both theatre and non-performance literary works.

"Script Doctors" - Screenwriting

Many screenwriters often work as "script doctors.Ē Many script doctor scriptwriters often work for large studios attempting to change scripts to better suit the director or studio. Script-doctoring can be very lucrative and is a stable career field.

Local Michigan Screen & Script Writers

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