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Production Assistant - PA

Production Assistants

Local Michigan Production Assistants (PA) - Local Production Assistant for Film, Movie and TV Crews in Detroit, Michigan

The production assistant, or PA, is the entry level position on a film or television set. Production assistants do everything from getting coffee, to making copies, to transporting crew members or equipment. The PA position can involve a lot of mule work, but is a highly interactive position with everyone on set from producers to sound technicians. So if you do as you're told and learn as much as you can from everyone, being a PA will give you a great stepping stone into any area of production.

Successful production assistants must have the following skills. Don’t be late, always listen to everything, learn as much as you can, and be patient. If you follow these tips, and are good at what you do, people will notice. The production assistants who do as they’re told without complaint are remembered when it comes time for promotions.

Local Michigan Production Assistants - PA

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