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Michigan Local Film Producer

Movie, Film, TV and Theatre Producers

Michigan Film, TV and Movie Producers - Local Film Production Producers in Detroit, Michigan

Are you an upcoming or established local Michigan movie & film producer? Michigan has a surge of new films, movies, and television opportunities for producers. Producers, executive producers and production crew are needed all over Michigan and Detroit. Donít let this opportunity pass and get involved in Michiganís film and movie industries and start producing movies for a living!


Lead producer of a film or production project. The producer is responsible for all production and production staff.

Executive producer

Executive producers are often a representative or CEO of the film production studio. This title may be also given as a courtesy to a major financial investor. An executive producer oversees the financial, administrative and creative aspects of a production.


Co-producers report to the executive producer and provides money to finance a project.

Associate producer

Helps represent the producer and may share financial, creative, or administrative responsibilities. The associate producer title is often given out to an experienced film professional acting as a consultant or as a courtesy to someone who makes a major financial contribution.

Assistant producer

Works under the direction of the associate producer.

Production director

A representative of the film company assigned to the set and given the authority to act on behalf of the senior production-team members.

Line producer

Oversees a film's budget and the day-to-day activities.

Production supervisor

Performs managerial duties on one specific aspect of the production.

Production manager

Manages the production studio.

Local Michigan Film & Movie Producers

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