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Local Michigan Cosmetology & Make Up Artist

Work on a TV, Film or Movie Set as s Personal Stylist!

Local Michigan Cosmetology and Make Up Artists - Get a job as a Personal Stylist on a TV, Film or Movie Set in Detroit, Michigan

Attention local Michigan cosmetology and make-up artists! If you love glamour, movie stars, cosmetology and make-up, then donít wait another day to get involved today in Michiganís film and movie business. Becoming a personal stylist for actors and actresses can be an exciting new career change. Make-up artists are needed on set all around Michigan.

Movie & film, on set make-up artists can follow 2 career paths. You can become an actor or actresses personal stylist, working with make-up on set, before award ceremonies or on special occasions. The 2nd potential career path for a make-up artist is creating imaginary characters or recreating actual characters. This job involves working with wigs, costumes and about everything else to turn an actor into a monster, historical figure or age a character.

Local Michigan Film & Movie on Set Cosmetology & Make Up Artist

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