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Michigan Grips, Rigging, Lighting and Electrical Crews

Key Grip, Gaffer, Electrians and more!

Michigan Grips, Rigging, Lighting and Electrical Crews - Local Key Grip, Gaffer and Electrians in Detroit, Michigan

Grip - Grips

A Grip in the person in a production set responsible for lighting, electrical and rigging, led by a key grip. Grips have two main functions. The first is to work with the camera crew for when they need cameras mounted to a dolly, crane or other position. The second function of a grip is to work with the electrical department to mount the lighting set-ups necessary for a shot. Grips are responsible for safety on the set and must make sure that all ladders, scaffolds and overhead rigs are properly installed.

Rigging - Grip

Grips also satisfy rigging needs on set working with mounts, pulleys, steel cables and trusses. Grips are needed when trying to achieve specialty shots like driving a vehicle, or creating night during a daytime shoot.

Gaffer - Lighting

The installation of lights and the distribution of power are handled by electricians, who are led by a gaffer. A gaffer is the person in charge of the electrical department, responsible for the execution of the lighting plan for a film or TV production. The gaffer is sometimes titled, Chief Lighting Technician (CLT). Usually, the gaffer works for and reports to the director of photography or, in television, the Lighting Director (LD). The DP/LD is responsible for the overall lighting design, while the gaffer and his crew execute this plan. Gaffers also work with the key grip when mounting is required for certain lighting.

Local Michigan Grip, Gaffer and Electrical Crew

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