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Michigan Animatronics Companies

Film, Television, Movies

Michigan Animatronics Companies - Local Animatronic Puppets for Movies, Films, and Theme Parks in Detroit, Michigan

Animatronics is the use of electronics, hydraulics and robotics to create lifelike mechanized puppets. Animatronics are mainly used in movies and television, but also in theme parks, museums and many other themed environments. The attractions at Walt Disney World are one of the best examples of animatronics in use.

Animatronics for film and television are used to perform actions on camera in situations where the creature does not exist, the scene is too risky or costly to use real actors or animals, or the action could never be obtained with a living person or animal. Animatronics also has advantages over CGI and stop motion. Animatronic puppets are physical objects moving in real-time in front of the camera, not a simulation of reality. The technology has advanced to the point that animatronic puppets can be made so realistic that they can’t be identified from their living counterparts.

Michigan Animatronics

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